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This "GIFT" will help to increase your child’s Confidence... Build Self EsteemAthleticism. As a result, they could get Better Grades… Learn to say "NO" to Peer Pressure... Confidently defend themselves… Learn how to Handle Bullies… And build REAL Life Skills that will give them an “unfair advantage” for the rest of their life!

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$49 REFUNDABLE registration SAVES your SPOT!

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  • Daily Trips: We will do daily trips to the park, movies, bowling, swimming, archery, museums ect... to keep it fun & entertaining. 
  • Weekly Big Trip: Every week we will have one big trip to Triple Play!
  • Kids Classes: Your child will learn discipline, respect, & focus in our fun martial art classes.
  • Educational Activities: We love to keep the learning process alive during the summer.
  •  Unlimited Kids Jiu Jitsu Classes! (limited offer)  
  • ​FREE Gi for new members!
  • ​and More!

Why Alpha Summer Camp?



This summer, after school lets out, instead of hearing your kids complain about how bored they are all summer – enrich their lives with Alpha Jiu Jitsu + Fitness Summer Camp!

Your child doesn’t need any previous martial arts experience, only a strong desire to have FUN!

And fun is what we’re going to have! Here’s just a sample of what your child will experience at Alpha Jiu Jitsu + Fitness Summer Camp…




And that’s just the start!

Alpha Jiu Jitsu + Fitness Summer Camp is NOT like any other summer camp, there’s truly nothing out there like this. FOR REAL!

 Your child will have the opportunity to develop self-confidence and self-esteem by achieving their individual goals…

 They’ll feel like real martial artists when they get their free “Gi” (martial arts training uniform) & Camp Alpha Shirt…

 How will you feel when your child starts to show more discipline and self-control at home, with siblings and family members?!

 Your child will learn teamwork by participating and succeeding with the help of their new friends at Camp Alpha.

 You’ll be amazed and delighted when you see your child being able to intently focus on doing schoolwork, chores, and listening to YOU!

 You’ll watch your child develop physical strength, agility, balance and control which can carry over into every area of their life.

If your child is involved in any other sports, martial arts is hands down the best way to “cross-train” to increase their physical abilities … 

It really puts them at an unfair advantage over the other kids :)

 Your child will become more respectful, not only at home with you, but also with other adults they meet in public.

 You’ll watch your child make new friends and fit into new social circles easier than ever before as their newfound confidence and self-esteem makes being social, EASY (this will affect every area of their life as they grow older, they’ll be able to easily advance in school, work and social groups).

 Watch your child’s grades go up… and… stay up! Our special martial arts training gives your child the discipline needed to study, complete homework, and organize their time more wisely—and these skills make success a habit, not a chore!

 Your child will start to act more responsibly, not blaming others, following rules, and taking responsibility for her actions…

The other parents in the neighborhood will be jealous of the  

way you child listens and behaves after Camp Alpha this summer!

Now only $49 REFUNDABLE Registration will SAVE your SPOT!

Kail Bosque
Head of Conquest Kids programs

Check Out What Parents Have To Say About Alpha!

"My daughter has been coming to Alpha for almost a year now. Seeing her confidence build along with her strive to be better than the day before is so amazing."

- Jocelyn Anderson

"My 5 yr old’s confidence has exploded! His temper has settled. His manners and respect have grown. We’ll be lifers with Alpha from here on out!"

- Katie Burchfield

"We absolutely love Alpha kids program. The coaches are so patient, kind, and knowledgeable. The kids not only learn Jiu Jitsu but character building and social skills. "

- Monet Skinner


Our friendly Alpha instructors engage the students with fun yet functional activities to help teach valuable motor skills, hand eye coordination, & life skills that will help them succeed in life.

We only hire the BEST coaches and they truly care about your child’s success!

Our Alpha Summer Camp is operated by trusted coaches who have years of experience and 

who have all passed a strict background check! 

The Alpha SUMMER CAMP Mission...

Leading kids to Jesus through a healthy lifestyle.

Now only $49 REFUNDABLE Registration will SAVE your SPOT!

  • Earn Better Grades: Our program is the best. Our goal is simple... It's to inspire your child to be successful in school, sports, and in life. From the moment you and your child meet our incredible family of coaches, you will know that joining our Summer Camp was the best decision you could have made for your child!
  • Higher Self-Esteem, Confidence, Discipline, and Respect: If you are ready for your child to develop Confidence, Discipline, and Respect while learning how to become Bully-Proof, then you have come to the right place! Our goal is to give your child the opportunity to set and achieve goals and make new friends.
  • Action-Packed Sports, Drills, Games, & Adventures: Our Summer Camp keeps things exciting by providing a variety of activities that we do indoors and outdoors during the summer. Your child is going to have so much fun learning new sports, making new friends, and achieving goals!


When you need to work & get things done...

We will help you care for your kids.  


We are now accepting applications for Summer Camp. If you are a parent who wants your child to have tons of FUN, to stay healthy and active, then sign up for the 

best new Summer Camp in Post Falls!

Now only $49 REFUNDABLE Registration will SAVE your SPOT!

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